Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

Last Sunday, I headed to Washington D.C. at 5 a.m. to make images of the long-awaited Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin.  I chose to shoot at sunrise when the morning light would cast the pink and white flowers in hues of pinks, purples and gold.  At 630 a.m., I had tripod set-up and was shooting the flowers and monuments cast in the gorgeous morning light. These are two of the images I made from that day.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

It’s Official! I’m a bonafide Travel Writer and Photographer!

Today, I am officially a travel writer and photographer as my article “Food & Fun” in Ireland came out today in the March 2015 VacationRentalTravels.com online magazine!  Click here to access the magazine to check out my article (page 29).  So exciting!

Food & Fun in Ireland, pg 29

Charleston, South Carolina: A Round-Up of Things to See and Do

Working Horse

Working Horse

Charleston, South Carolina is so rich in American history and culture!  It’s a fabulous place to visit if you want a quiet, easy vacation.  I had heard so many great things about Charleston – in fact, ONLY great things – about the city so my expectations were high when Sam and I took this mini-trip down south two weeks ago. It did not disappoint!  Continue reading

Manic Monday – How do I get this guy’s job?!


I want this man’s job!  He looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world….just chillin’ out at his corner shop reading the newspaper.   I took this image two years ago in Little India, Singapore.   Despite having taken thousands of photographs since then, this one regularly resurfaces in my brain… usually on days when I feel that I just want to sit around, read a book, and not deal with the petty b.s. that comes with working in corporate America.  That’s what I want to do today….

(Feature image is bird’s eye view of SIngapore)