Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania: A Lesson in Making Images through Manual Exposures

The last few weeks for photography have been quite dissatisfying for me.  I had blurry photos of my niece riding horses, crappy composition in photos of my friend’s daughter and an overall lack of enthusiasm for shooting the bleak winter weather scene outside my front door.  I was in a photography rut.  So when I joined my meet-up group in Pennsylvania to shoot the Christmas displays at Longwood Gardens, I was hell bent on making some images that would restore my faith in my photography abilities. Continue reading


One Day in New York City: A Self-Imposed Challenge in Lowlight/Night Photography

When my company announced that I was chosen for a negotiation workshop at the headquarters in New York City, I was all about it.  Not only is negotiation my favorite aspect of being a lawyer, but couple that with travel to one of my favorite destinations in the US and taking this trip was a no-brainer.  Continue reading