Manic Monday – How do I get this guy’s job?!


I want this man’s job!  He looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world….just chillin’ out at his corner shop reading the newspaper.   I took this image two years ago in Little India, Singapore.   Despite having taken thousands of photographs since then, this one regularly resurfaces in my brain… usually on days when I feel that I just want to sit around, read a book, and not deal with the petty b.s. that comes with working in corporate America.  That’s what I want to do today….

(Feature image is bird’s eye view of SIngapore)


Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself – “Wild Cougar”

MLYNN_2012_NiagraFalls_19 Some pictures are just NOT meant to be shared – UNLESS there is a weekly photo challenge.  I did not take this one, but I did pose for it.  My husband thinks it’s hilarious that I am what most would call a “cougar.” I am 7 years older than my cub of a husband.  The funny thing is that I don’t smoke cigarettes (although I was admittedly smoking for this pic)  and I rarely gamble; however, when you think that going to Niagra Falls NY in February is a good idea and the only thing to do is visit the casino or freeze your buns off – you’ve got to make the best of it!

So here I am…expressing myself!  Roar!

Bryan Peterson in Baltimore?! Oh, HELLZ YES!


Creative Photography Society in Maryland/DC area is hosting Bryan Peterson at the Doubletree BWI Airport for a one day seminar!  I just read his book, Understanding Exposure, and I can’t wait to learn more in person!  Click this link to find out about registering for the workshop on Feb. 8!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity



Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania: A Lesson in Making Images through Manual Exposures

The last few weeks for photography have been quite dissatisfying for me.  I had blurry photos of my niece riding horses, crappy composition in photos of my friend’s daughter and an overall lack of enthusiasm for shooting the bleak winter weather scene outside my front door.  I was in a photography rut.  So when I joined my meet-up group in Pennsylvania to shoot the Christmas displays at Longwood Gardens, I was hell bent on making some images that would restore my faith in my photography abilities. Continue reading