Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself – “Wild Cougar”

MLYNN_2012_NiagraFalls_19 Some pictures are just NOT meant to be shared – UNLESS there is a weekly photo challenge.  I did not take this one, but I did pose for it.  My husband thinks it’s hilarious that I am what most would call a “cougar.” I am 7 years older than my cub of a husband.  The funny thing is that I don’t smoke cigarettes (although I was admittedly smoking for this pic)  and I rarely gamble; however, when you think that going to Niagra Falls NY in February is a good idea and the only thing to do is visit the casino or freeze your buns off – you’ve got to make the best of it!

So here I am…expressing myself!  Roar!


The High Line: An Extraordinary Urban Park in New York City

Thirty feet above the chaotic streets of New York City exists a little piece of serenity known as The High Line.

West Side

The High Line, New York City

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