Aliens Invade Government Center – Bicyclists Abducted!

A U.F.O. has landed in Government Center.  An oblong, metal cage of sorts.  The simple pod, positioned as if it has no plan or purpose, feels abrupt in the backdrop of its city surroundings.  But city dwellers – have no fear! The standalone spaceship-esque object is not evidence of an alien takeover.  It’s the arrival of a bizarre new concept in bicycle parking.


I am a big fan of exploring a new city on foot. Finding oddities like this one is a great example of why.  Had I been in a car, I might have missed it.

This egg-like structure seemed to be carelessly dropped from the sky landing at the edge of a vehicle parking lot in Government Center.  Strangely, it was empty.  Perhaps aliens HAD abducted Boston’s bicyclists!


It looked to have the capacity to house 8 bicycles, with 2 rows of 4 metal racks on each side that ascended from its flat, metal base.  Only a numbered keypad and a sign adorned the door.  “Bicycle Parking” it read.  The sign offered a pittance of additional information – a telephone number and the management company.  Certainly, no operating instructions.  I saw no place to pay cash or swipe a credit card; therefore, I assumed that one would call the telephone number, pay a fee, get a code, punch it in, and voila!  Enter bicycle!!

Intrigued, I called the number.  I got voicemail.  VOICEMAIL?!   What a let down…