The Boston Trifecta – Paving the Freelance Travel Writing Trail in Beantown.

World Wide Web Friends? I’m baaaaahhhh-aaaaack ūüôā

I haven’t written lately – ok, “lately” is an understatement. It’s been several months! BUT that doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to write for you. ¬†I have and I’m here now. ¬†The family and I have experienced 5 exciting trips this year (I still owe you the post on Aruba) and I’m committed to updating you all on them in this theinbetweendream 2014. Shall we begin?

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Weekly photo challenge – Good Morning!



Shape, Line, Texture, Patterns (From around the world)


On the FREE-dom Trail: 5 Tips on How to Get Something for Nothing when Traveling to Boston


1)   Fly JetBlue.

The airline ticket is not free, but your first checked or carry-on bag will be.  Having flown other ultra-budget airlines, like Spirit and U.S. Airways where they’d charge you for the air you breathe if they could, this is a potential savings of over $100 for a roundtrip ticket.  Although not its hub, JetBlue is the largest domestic airline at Logan International Airport.  Take advantage of this when booking your flight.  Having such a large presence at a particular airport results in better schedules and better prices for you.  Continue reading

Aliens Invade Government Center – Bicyclists Abducted!

A U.F.O. has landed in Government Center. ¬†An oblong, metal cage of sorts. ¬†The simple pod, positioned as if it has no plan or purpose, feels abrupt in the backdrop of its city surroundings. ¬†But city dwellers – have no fear! The standalone spaceship-esque object is not evidence of an alien takeover. ¬†It’s the arrival of a bizarre new concept in bicycle parking.


I am a big fan of exploring a new city on foot. Finding oddities like this one is a great example of why.  Had I been in a car, I might have missed it.

This egg-like structure seemed to be carelessly dropped from the sky landing at the edge of a vehicle parking lot in Government Center. ¬†Strangely, it was empty. ¬†Perhaps aliens HAD abducted Boston’s bicyclists!


It looked to have the capacity to house 8 bicycles, with 2 rows of 4 metal racks on each side that ascended from its flat, metal base. ¬†Only a numbered keypad and a sign adorned the door. ¬†“Bicycle Parking” it read. ¬†The sign offered a pittance of additional information – a telephone number and the management company. ¬†Certainly, no operating instructions. ¬†I saw no place to pay cash or swipe a credit card; therefore, I¬†assumed that one would call the telephone number, pay a fee, get a code, punch it in, and voila! ¬†Enter bicycle!!

Intrigued, I called the number. ¬†I got voicemail. ¬†VOICEMAIL?! ¬† What a let down…