The Boston Trifecta – Paving the Freelance Travel Writing Trail in Beantown.

World Wide Web Friends? I’m baaaaahhhh-aaaaack 🙂

I haven’t written lately – ok, “lately” is an understatement. It’s been several months! BUT that doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to write for you.  I have and I’m here now.  The family and I have experienced 5 exciting trips this year (I still owe you the post on Aruba) and I’m committed to updating you all on them in this theinbetweendream 2014. Shall we begin?

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…and I’m a winner!!!

Hello all!  Hopefully, you’ve noticed that I took a short hiatus from blog writing these past few weeks?  I have good reason!  I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my photography and my writing has taken a backseat to this.  With a full-time job and family, there are only so many hours in the day….


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