The Purpose-Driven Blog

The inbetweendream is the place between where you were and where you thought you’d be.  The space between what you have and what you want.  It’s your NOW.

This blog shares the story of my NOW.  It’s meant to inspire…to excite…to inform…to get you to get out there and DO even if doing doesn’t look like what you originally planned.

My first post, It’s All About Me, told our story of a dream unrealized by a force out of our control.  Our dream of living abroad – what we ultimately wanted and envisioned for our lives together – is on hold…but life itself is NOT.  It’s just going to have to be different…for now.

In this blog, I detail what I’m doing in the here and now to accomplish that ultimate goal and my personal goals of travel writing and photography, and finally, chronicle my travels, my life when that dream is realized or, perhaps, the one that it’s become.

By following me in this blog, I hope to encourage you to keep following your dreams until they too, come true.  My philosophy on life is – you should see and do everything that interests you no matter where you are.  By taking this virtual adventure with me, at the very least, you’ll learn about new and interesting places, people, and things, but my hope is that you’re inspired to create YOUR own chosen experience despite the obstacles that may stand in your way.


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