Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania: A Lesson in Making Images through Manual Exposures

The last few weeks for photography have been quite dissatisfying for me.  I had blurry photos of my niece riding horses, crappy composition in photos of my friend’s daughter and an overall lack of enthusiasm for shooting the bleak winter weather scene outside my front door.  I was in a photography rut.  So when I joined my meet-up group in Pennsylvania to shoot the Christmas displays at Longwood Gardens, I was hell bent on making some images that would restore my faith in my photography abilities. Continue reading


Cemeteries of Ireland: A Gallery of Images

Ornate headstones and aging plots set against perpetually overcast skies provide a dramatic backdrop to the solemnity of the cemeteries in Ireland.

Finding Beauty in Ruin at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA

Ready to pounce on any defectors!

Ready to pounce on any defectors!

Amidst organic coffee shops, trendy restaurants, and community gardens in a quiet gentrified Philadelphia neighborhood looms the ruin of what was once a revolution in architecture and public institutions in America.  The Eastern State Penitentiary stands today as a symbol of corporal punishment, spiritual reflection and change.  Amongst the crumbling, rust-stained walls of tiny skylit cellblocks lies a haunting story of punishment, solitude and isolation.  Continue reading

Shape, Line, Texture, Patterns (From around the world)


Balinese Dreams…


Cool temperatures and sunny days in Maryland make me want to travel!  Weather like this has me longing for lazy days, new discoveries, and city exploration in countries far, far away.   But alas, I can only reminisce for now. My thoughts and heart are with Bali…

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, January 2013

Where do your thoughts and dreams take YOU?