Weekly Photo Challenge – Warmth


One brave koi fish seeks the warmth of the sun through a perfectly round hole in a frozen pond.


Stock Photography: Some Tips on How to Get Started

Palm Trees Sway in the Wind against a Tropical Sky

I thought that I’d write a post on stock photography for those of you interested in uploading your images for stock.  In the beginning, meaning a year and a half ago, I was taking a ton of photos and they just would sit on my computer collecting dust.  I wanted to DO something with them so I started uploading my images to stock sites.  This was a great way for me to get feedback on what the industry thought was a good image without being “exposed” to negative critique on the world wide web.  I didn’t know what I was doing then – now I do.

Stock sites review for composition, correct white balance, noise, and clarity, etc. I didn’t even know what many of these terms meant in the photography world before I started in stock.   I get a lot of questions from friends who are getting into photography about shooting for stock.  This post is a general overview of how to do it.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Offerings, Bangkok, Thailand

This photo was taken near our hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.  The vibrant yellow color of the offerings contrasted beautifully against the dark, dankness of the alley where it was taken.

This was one of the first photos I took with the Canon 60D before I knew anything about photography.  It’s not the best shot for sure but marks the beginning of my now passion for the craft.

The Liebster Award – I’ve been nominated!

Today, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by a fellow blogger and photographer, Unfocused Lens.  Thank you so much, Unfocused Lens!  I graciously accept!

I don’t think that “Liebster” is actually a word, I surmise that it has something to do with the German word “liebe” which means “love” or “freaking awesome blog” in this context.

If you’re not a blogger, then you probably don’t know how much time, energy and planning goes into each post so I am deeply honored to be recognized for this award!

Kudos to me!  …and to all my fellow Liebster bloggers!


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One Day in New York City: A Self-Imposed Challenge in Lowlight/Night Photography

When my company announced that I was chosen for a negotiation workshop at the headquarters in New York City, I was all about it.  Not only is negotiation my favorite aspect of being a lawyer, but couple that with travel to one of my favorite destinations in the US and taking this trip was a no-brainer.  Continue reading