The Boston Trifecta – Paving the Freelance Travel Writing Trail in Beantown.

World Wide Web Friends? I’m baaaaahhhh-aaaaack 🙂

I haven’t written lately – ok, “lately” is an understatement. It’s been several months! BUT that doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to write for you.  I have and I’m here now.  The family and I have experienced 5 exciting trips this year (I still owe you the post on Aruba) and I’m committed to updating you all on them in this theinbetweendream 2014. Shall we begin?

Have you ever received a message from the universe? I have. Many, many times. The signs, the symbols, the messages…those were the basis for theinbetweendream at its inception. I consider myself perceptive in this regard. I see the signs. This post is a documentation of the confluence of the signs pointing to Boston and bringing me back to travel writing again and again…

Boston, August 2013.

Wide-eyed and unsure of what doors the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop would open for me, I spent three days learning how to jumpstart a freelance travel writing and photography career. (Check out the post if you missed it) I wrote. I shot. I made a good friend.

Great Escape Publishing offers the workshop two times a year. I chose Boston.

Boston, December 2013.

Sam and I travelled yet again to Boston to celebrate my winning the Catch: Win a Westin Weekend with Afar contest. (You can check out that post too!) With 24,000 points at any Starwood property in the world, we thought it only appropriate to ring in the New Year in the town where it all began and took advantage of my two free nights’ accommodation at the W Hotel in Midtown.

It just so happened that Sam had business to attend to in Boston last December. Having met my annual billable requirement for work a week early, I accompanied him on the trip, taking more pics but with a more skillful eye, honed my skills and braved a very cold few days up North.

And now…

Boston, October 2014.

This time, the city was a gateway to my first ever travel writing and photography trip abroad! Remember that friend I met at the workshop? She and I reunited in Boston last week to venture to Ireland for a week-long writing and photography jaunt together.

My friend was commissioned to write an article about a vacation rental there. She took me with her. The lovely cottage centrally located in Doon, Ireland was our home base for 8 days. We rented a car and jetted through the treacherous country roads to places all over western Ireland – Limerick, Adare, Cappamore, the Cliffs of Moher, and even made the trek to Dublin for a day. More on our adventures abroad in future posts, my friends.

What is it about Boston? I’ve been asking myself this question since I’ve returned. Whatever it was that brought me there…the message that that city is sending me is clear. Travel writing is my future. The freelance travel writing road has led me to Boston again and again…I’m staying on this path. I’m going to see what’s at the end of the road and beyond.


6 thoughts on “The Boston Trifecta – Paving the Freelance Travel Writing Trail in Beantown.

  1. It certainly was a memorable trip and a great way to cement our friendship! Boston has always been my heartbeat, I felt like this trip was a full-circle for both of us. Great post, love that you are back in the saddle and writing again!


  2. This resonates with me – even though I’ve only taken a few weeks off from blogging regularly. And I also went to Ireland for the first time this year – and am yet to post my pieces about it (although my commissions have been done and delivered). Look forward to reading yours.


    • Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants to get back on the wagon, you know? Ireland was that for me. I hope you’ll enjoy what I write next. Between your posts and mine, we’ll likely compile an un-official travel guide of what to see and do in Ireland. Ha!

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