…and I’m a winner!!!

Hello all!  Hopefully, you’ve noticed that I took a short hiatus from blog writing these past few weeks?  I have good reason!  I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my photography and my writing has taken a backseat to this.  With a full-time job and family, there are only so many hours in the day….


I have great news!  Unbeknownst to me, I entered a writing contest on AFAR, a travel magazine and I won!  With hundreds of entries, I was one of 15 winners of Catch! Win a Westin Weekend with Afar (you can read the contest rules by clicking the link).  My prize?  24,000 Starwood points, which equates to one weekend at any Westin Hotel in the world!  I love, love love free travel!  I’d say that’s about a $400-500 cash prize, no? SO, I didn’t reach my goal of making back my money from Ultimate Travel Writer’s, but I took a good chunk out of it.  You can read my highlight here (I also took the photo).

Back to photography…

Photography is really a lot of fun – I guess that’s why I’ve changed my focus to pictures.  That and the fact that I have written articles that I just don’t have time to pitch to editors.  It’s very time intensive, this writing process.  The reward for pictures is instantaneous.  I take a photo, edit it, upload it to a stock site and voila!  It’s there for purchase.

After Boston, I purchased Lightroom 5.  It sat on my computer collecting dust until now.  After researching stock sites and being envious of all the images that surpassed mine by leaps and bounds, I decided to bite the bullet and learn the program.  After only a few short tutorials on youtube, specifically watching those made by Anthony Morganti, I learned enough to make a difference in my photos.  I uploaded a few examples below…

Boston, August 2013





Asher, our dog, last week…





I will continue to write and shoot in the next few months, but one valuable lesson that I’ve learned since my workshop in August is – this is NOT easy!  It’s very labor intensive. The final product is the result of hours and hours of education, research, time and commitment.  To all my fellow bloggers, writers, and photographers, KUDOS TO YOU!



5 thoughts on “…and I’m a winner!!!

  1. Awesome job girl! It is hard to juggle work, family, and writing (let’s call it a hobby for now).Congrats on the contest. The real question is where will you use those points???


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