The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop

I returned from Boston last week after attending The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and I’ve been non-stop writing since then.  Check out this blog post that I wrote about Boston – On the FREE-dom Trail: 5 Tips on How to Get Something for Nothing when Traveling to Boston…and these pages – I’d Like to Introduce Myself and The Purpose-Driven Blog – for a few examples of what I’ve been writing.

I learned so much in the workshop that I feel it was definitely worth the time, the money, and the effort.  Not only did it provide me with the tools necessary to begin my travel writing career, but it also put me in front of some very big names in travel writing, like Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor of International Living. That was kindof a huge deal for me.  International Living magazine planted the seed that grew into our dream of living abroad.  Contributing editors to IL and other successful freelance travel writers were also there giving tips on how to get started in the business…many began with this same workshop only a few years before mine! Listening to their success stories was truly an inspiration and let me know that this CAN be done.

The workshop boasts that you can make your tuition money back in 90 days.  It will be a lot of hard work, but I’m up for the challenge. I’ve already got a ton of ideas for bylines and I’m researching publications where I can pitch my stories.  I’ll be pitching a variation of the Boston blog post above as my first attempt at getting published.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress over the next 90 days….and hopefully, we’ll be celebrating a few published bylines.  Wish me luck!!!

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