On the FREE-dom Trail: 5 Tips on How to Get Something for Nothing when Traveling to Boston


1)   Fly JetBlue.

The airline ticket is not free, but your first checked or carry-on bag will be.  Having flown other ultra-budget airlines, like Spirit and U.S. Airways where they’d charge you for the air you breathe if they could, this is a potential savings of over $100 for a roundtrip ticket.  Although not its hub, JetBlue is the largest domestic airline at Logan International Airport.  Take advantage of this when booking your flight.  Having such a large presence at a particular airport results in better schedules and better prices for you. 

2) FREE wifi. 

Many airports and hotels charge hefty rates for wifi access toting premium services but in reality, creatively increasing your expenses.  Logan International Airport offers FREE wifi to travelers, making it convenient for you to check email, write your blog, or get some work done while waiting for your flight.  Password: loganwifi.  

My hotel offered free wifi to its guests.  Ask your hotel if it has a FREE internet connection that you can tap into.

Starbucks (and there are plenty in Boston) is a great place to take advantage of FREE wifi, so stop in to plan your itinerary, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

3) FREE bus service to and from the airport.

The easiest thing to do when you arrive in a new city is to catch a cab, but you’re going to pay the price.  Depending on where you’re staying while in Boston, a cab from the airport to the hotel could cost a pretty penny.  Instead, check out ground transportation when you arrive.

Logan Airport has FREE bus service that shuttles you from the airport to Boston’s rail system, known as Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) .

Option 1 – Take the Blue Line.  It offers connections to the Green Line, Orange Line and Commuter Rail at North Station.  You’ll have to buy a ticket to ride the train when you get there, but get a Charlie card and you’ll save 50 cents per ride.  The Charlie card is also FREE, reusable, and easily replenished at any station.

Option 2 – Take the Silver Line. Not only is riding the bus free, but you’ll also enjoy a FREE transfer to the Red Line at South Station.  The savvy traveler could save big by using this option.  Connections inbound from the Red Line to other lines are also FREE as long as you don’t exit the station.  This is the best option if you’re going to places like Cambridge, Harvard University or Downtown Boston.

4)  FREE room upgrade.

Many hotels host multiple conferences, weddings, and events all at the same time and they can’t accommodate all guests’ room preferences.  This may work to your advantage.  Ask for an upgrade if you suspect that your hotel is close to maximum capacity. You get a better room and they usually won’t charge you the difference in price.

5)  FREE hotel services.

Walking is free, but after several days of exploring the city as a pedestrian, your feet can take a beating, especially if you packed the wrong shoes.  My hotel offered FREE bicycles and FREE helmets to its guests. It also offered a FREE shuttle service to popular spots and a FREE boat ride.  Check with your hotel when you get there to see what FREE services it offers.


2 thoughts on “On the FREE-dom Trail: 5 Tips on How to Get Something for Nothing when Traveling to Boston

  1. Great tips! It seems more hotels are offering free Wifi which is almost a must have anymore. I love the advice you give about checking on a free room upgrade too. That worked for me once in Las Vegas!


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