Busboys and Poets

A Dream Deferred 

By Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Langston Hughes contemplated this question as early as 1951 when he penned this poem.  It’s inspiring to know that we are not the only ones living the dreamed deferred.  

What is YOUR dream deferred?  Tell me in the comments below.


On the FREE-dom Trail: 5 Tips on How to Get Something for Nothing when Traveling to Boston


1)   Fly JetBlue.

The airline ticket is not free, but your first checked or carry-on bag will be.  Having flown other ultra-budget airlines, like Spirit and U.S. Airways where they’d charge you for the air you breathe if they could, this is a potential savings of over $100 for a roundtrip ticket.  Although not its hub, JetBlue is the largest domestic airline at Logan International Airport.  Take advantage of this when booking your flight.  Having such a large presence at a particular airport results in better schedules and better prices for you.  Continue reading

Aliens Invade Government Center – Bicyclists Abducted!

A U.F.O. has landed in Government Center.  An oblong, metal cage of sorts.  The simple pod, positioned as if it has no plan or purpose, feels abrupt in the backdrop of its city surroundings.  But city dwellers – have no fear! The standalone spaceship-esque object is not evidence of an alien takeover.  It’s the arrival of a bizarre new concept in bicycle parking.


I am a big fan of exploring a new city on foot. Finding oddities like this one is a great example of why.  Had I been in a car, I might have missed it.

This egg-like structure seemed to be carelessly dropped from the sky landing at the edge of a vehicle parking lot in Government Center.  Strangely, it was empty.  Perhaps aliens HAD abducted Boston’s bicyclists!


It looked to have the capacity to house 8 bicycles, with 2 rows of 4 metal racks on each side that ascended from its flat, metal base.  Only a numbered keypad and a sign adorned the door.  “Bicycle Parking” it read.  The sign offered a pittance of additional information – a telephone number and the management company.  Certainly, no operating instructions.  I saw no place to pay cash or swipe a credit card; therefore, I assumed that one would call the telephone number, pay a fee, get a code, punch it in, and voila!  Enter bicycle!!

Intrigued, I called the number.  I got voicemail.  VOICEMAIL?!   What a let down…


A Beer and a Burger in Boston’s Oldest Brewery.

I arrived safely in Beantown, skipped the beans, and went directly for the hops…

My husband and I love to drink beer…and we love to eat burgers…so whenever we hit a new city, we skip the touristy destinations and head straight for the local brewery or dive bar for the local eats.  Our philosophy on travel is “do as the locals do.”  Getting to the local pub where LOCAL people go, gives you the opportunity to put your finger on the pulse of the city, meet local city dwellers, and get the locals’ perspective on the best of what to see and do while in their city…IF you’re lucky enough to get their attention. Most locals love to give advice and learn as much about you and your city (after all, you are a foreigner to them) as you do about them and their city.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we DO visit some of the obligatory tourist sites – I mean, you HAVE to do the Freedom Trail while in Boston, but we don’t let ourselves get overwhelmed with running here and there and everywhere trying to see and do it all.

As this was my first solo trip up North, I didn’t want to break the beers and burgers tradition…so I set out from the hotel to find the closest watering hole.  After a brief consultation with the concierge, or more specifically, after a brief consultation with the 3-page pre-printed list of restaurants that the concierge handed me, I quickly eliminated the chain restaurants and headed out on foot to Lord Hobo, “…known for its extensive beer selection.”  That sounded like a ringing endorsement to me!

This day was particularly hot with temperatures hitting the 90’s in Boston.  Couple the heat with inevitable dehydration that resulted from the airline flight, my throat was feeling like the Sahara and I hadn’t even began the 1.5 mile trek from my hotel to the pub.  With my trusty Google Maps App loaded on my iphone, I walked…and walked…and walked….WHERE the $%^& WAS this place?!

I’m sure if I would have continued walking, I would have gotten there, but as my blood sugar free-falled, it seemed to me that I perpetually had 0.2 miles to go.  Sorry, Lord Hobo, it was a no-go.  I quickly assessed my immediate surroundings and found that I was standing in what appeared to be a very architecturally hip area of town.  Kendall Square.

A vision appeared like a mirage in the desert…could it be? ..an Irish Pub?  An Irish Pub! Oh, yeah!! Beer and burger, fo’ sho’.  As I made my way to the hostess’ podium, I was awestruck by the little gem I saw peeking out from behind the Irish pub…wait…was that….a BREWERY?!  Now, THIS was a mirage…it had to be….but, nope…I had stumbled upon The Cambridge Brewing Company.  It was real.  And it was REALLY good!

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